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coaching and support

DewaConnect supports your company in finding an Alternance (also known as dual education) employee that fits your project. DewaConnect not only helps you recruit the right employee, we can also support your company by providing specific training if your employee should need it.
Coaching and support - in the field - are always possible.

recruiting specialist

DewaConnect is a specialist in recruiting Alternance employees. Indeed, we have an extensive database of more than 200 highly educated and motivated students who are willing to do a cross-border internship/part-time job for companies from the Benelux and Germany. Our goal is to match each company to the perfect part-time employee.

What is alternance?

Alternance is a French system of dual education: a highly qualified student follows Bachelor or Master lectures at a French business school in addition to being a part-time employee at a company of his/her choice. The student gets a salary and his/her education is subsidized by the French government. Moreover, the student spends approximately 70% of the Alternance period at the company.

An academic year typically starts in September and ends in June. Nonetheless, an Alternance student can start sooner with his/her training within your company if necessary. If the cooperation during the Alternance was successful and it was the student’s last study year, the company can offer the student a full-time job after the academic year, although this is not obligated. At this moment, DewaConnect has an extensive database of students of different backgrounds and study levels, that are looking for a part-time job in dual education for the next academic year.

Advantages for companies

  • Added value of a qualified, motivated student in your company.
  • Budget-friendly way to penetrate the French market.
  • Every student already has completed at least two years of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Added value of intercultural cooperation in your team.
  • The Alternance student has an official status as employee, and also performs to this status.
  • The Alternance student often grows into a permanent employee.
In other words: don't hesitate to hire an Alternance student!

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