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DewaConnect is an online matchmaking platform that helps students from France, Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany find an alternance / dual education employer in France and in neighbouring countries. Our goal is to find the perfect mission for each student, and vice versa. At the moment, we have a database of more than 200 students who are looking for an alternance workplace for next academic year.

We work with international companies that want to develop (further) into France, which allows us to offer an international experience to all of our students, no matter where they come from.


Alternance is a French type of dual education: a qualified student combines lectures at a French business school with part-time work at a company in the same field of study. Not only does the student earn a wage, he/she also gets to choose the company him/herself. The student gets to choose the field of study, he/she can even choose between a bachelor’s or a master’s degree which complements the part-time job within the company. He/she doesn’t even have to pay a registration fee to go to university.

In short, alternance is the perfect solution for young Flemish/Dutch/German graduates or French bachelor and master students who don’t want to work full-time yet or don’t want to study full-time anymore.

Advantages of alternance for students

  • Earning a salary of at least 800€/month.
  • Approx. 1/3 of your dorm/apartment in France gets subsidized.
  • You gain relevant working experience.
  • You improve your knowledge of French.
  • You obtain an international diploma at a French business school.
  • All university costs (registration fee, books, etc.) are paid for you.
In other words, don't hesitate to enrol in an Alternance!

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Si vous préférez nous contacter en direct, contactez notre recruteur:
humanr@dewaflex.com ou +32 (0)474 46 07 99 — +33 (0)6 63 39 02 93.

Do you prefer to contact us directly, contact our recruiter via:
humanr@dewaflex.com or +32 (0)474 46 07 99 — +33 (0)6 63 39 02 93

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