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What is the status of an 'alternance' intern ?

  • An “alternance »-contract is an employment contract concluded between the employer and the trainee, whereby the start date of the internship is set on the 1st day of your arrival at the company or training center.
  • The “alternance »-contract consists of a 45-day trial period, during which both parties (employer & trainee) can terminate the contract at any time. The cancellation is unilateral and such without any motivation regarding the termination of the contract.
  • On the other hand, you have the professional contract, whereby both the labor code and the applicable collective labor agreements do NOT apply during the trainees’ trial period. In addition, you are obliged to undergo a medical examination. The aim of this research is to determine whether the trainee is fit enough to perform the intended position properly.
  • Finally, the trainees have the same vacation entitlement as the other employees in the company, or 5 weeks per year. The alternant is regarded as a paid employee by law, but since September 2005 people can also benefit from the student statute.

What are the student's obligations within the company ?

  • You are obliged to follow the working hours of the company closely, and you must also respect the employment regulations with due attention. Like any employee, you are subject to the labor code.
  • As a trainee, you should mainly comply to the instructions of your supervisor.
  • You also enjoy the relevant provisions that apply to other employees within the company.
  • Finally, you are subject to collective agreements, which may be applied within the company where you work.

Can you follow dual learning if you have a foreign nationality ?

It is not necessary to have the French nationality to be a trainee. However, if you have a foreign nationality, the student in question must regularly reside in the national territory of France. In addition, the student must have a residence permit and work permit before signing an alternance contract with his employer.

What compensation is provided ?

Legislation related to internships provides that a full-time payment (35 hours / week) is determined by SMIC’s gross hourly wages. The amount mainly depends on your age as well as on the progress you make during your education. This type of post provides favorable schemes for trainees between the ages of 21 and 25: the salary is calculated on the basis of the percentage of the agreed minimum by the company that is higher than the minimum wage according to SMIC.

As an intern, you can take advantage of a special advantage: your wages are exempt from taxes if they remain within the limits of the annual amount that is issued by SMIC. (16 125 euros for the year 2010)

how do I plan my future job interview ?

The goal of this interview consists on the one hand of examining the various elements of your CV and on the other hand of finding out how motivated you are for the proposed job.

It is possible that the responsible inquires about your behavior and knowledge when proposing a fictional or simulated problem definition. The most common example in practice is a commercial negotiation for a commercial or a job with certain responsibility.

1° Investigate !

2° Prepare well.

3° Create an interaction !

4° Stay yourself.

How do I apply ?

interested in applying for an internship or alternance ?


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