Recent activation of an ESF project !

The ESF project means that DewaConnect may propose the ‘Alternance’ project exclusively in the Flemish graduate schools / universities. This means that Belgian students can now also make use of the opportunity to work part-time and go to school part-time. This is an offer that many students will be happy to see. People often ask for more variety, which is now possible.

Advantages of dual education for students

• Earning a wage of approx. 800 – 1.600/month
• Approx. 1/3 of your dorm/apartment in France gets subsidized
• You gain relevant working experience
• You improve your knowledge of French
• You obtain an international diploma at a French business school
• Everything concerning university costs (registration fee, books, etc.) is paid for you

Advantages of dual education for companies

• Added value of a qualified student in your company.
• It is budget friendly.
• Every student already has studied at least two years in higher education.
• Added value of intercultural cooperation in your team.
• The alternance-student has an official status as employee.
• The alternance-student often grows into a permanent employee.

what is dual education ?

Dual education

What is studying in an 'alternance'-system?

“Alternance” is a French system of dual education: the student combines lectures at a French business school with working at a company of his/her choice. The student earns a wage and his/her education is subsidized by the French government. Alternance is the best solution for Dutch-, English- or German-speaking young graduates who want to take on a new challenge after their studies or for French Bachelor and Master students who already want to gain work experience during their studies while obtaining their diploma.

The alternance-rhythm often consists of working at the company for three weeks per month and going to school for the remaining week. The courses are very hands-on with a big focus on speaking and writing skills. Flemish, German and Dutch students will improve their French to a perfect level and will also develop their working skills and professional expertise. Think about how good this could look on their resume!

The student gets to choose the field of study, he/she can even choose between a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree which complements the chosen job within the company. There’s a big choice in fields of education: communication, business development, HR management, etc. The student doesn’t even have to pay a registration fee to go to university because everything is paid by the company in collaboration with the French government.

An academic year typically starts in September and ends in June, but can start sooner with a training within the company if necessary. Typically, the company offers the alternance student a full-time job after his academic year but this is not obligated.

In other words: don’t hesitate to hire an alternance student or to enrol in an alternance yourself!

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