Recent activation of an ESF project !

The ESF project means that DewaConnect may propose the ‘Alternance’ project exclusively in the Flemish graduate schools / universities. For example, Belgian students can also make use of the opportunity to work partly and partly go to school. An offer that many students will be happy to see. People often ask for more variety, which is now possible.

what is dual learning ?

Dual learning

dual learning or 'alternance'

Alternance is a type of dual learning. You combine lectures with an internship within the company. The rhythm depends on the school. Current distributions are: 2 days of lessons and 3 days of internship, 1 week of lessons and 1 week of internship, so you work more than 50 percent for your company. The assignments you carry out are very diverse and depend on your field of study: market analysis, business development, employer branding, physical prospecting, ...

what are the advantages ?

- Foreign experience: The experience of working abroad and the full mastering of the French language are obvious advantages.

- Fixed wages: As an 'alternance' student, you also receive a salary for the period that you work for the company.

- Additional diploma: You also have the opportunity to obtain an additional international diploma.

Take a loot at our latest brochure ! (NL-version)

Meet some of the trainees

meet benedicte, eliane, gautier and niels !

what is the task package ?

Task package

market analysis

You can perform a market analysis for different companies. So you help the company to explore the French market. You get to know potential customers within the sector and try to get a clear picture of the competition.

plan of action

I. You sit with the person in charge of your file and we take stock of what the company wants to know about the market.
II. The target group to be contacted is determined together.
III. You contact the prospects and keep a report via a personally created CRM.
IV. You prepare interim reports and a final report at the end of the project.

business development

You support a company in the first steps on the French market. You are responsible for marketing on the French market and actively search for customers and build up your own customer portfolio.

junior commercial representative

Some companies already have a market share and a commercial agent in France. In the first phase you support this person by taking care of the physical and / or telephone prospecting. You also record the agreements and supervise these agreements.

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