History DewaConnect

DewaConnect is an online platform launched with the aim of helping students find a professional internship abroad and offering alternance students (*) the opportunity to work in France for companies from neighboring countries.

(*): A dual education system combining studying at a French business school and working half-time at a company.

The search for a professional internship or ‘alternance’ abroad is rarely smooth sailing …
Why is it useful to register with DewaConnect ? We can assist you in all steps of the search and in preparing to draw up your profile, so that you have every opportunity to find the perfect internship or ‘alternance’ job. Attention: the fact that you register does not immediately mean that you are sure of an internship or ‘alternance’, but our goal is to open as many doors as possible and give you every opportunity to get a positive answer to your expectations.

Our website is for all students looking for an internship or ‘alternance’ abroad, or for students interested in conducting a physical market study in France for non-French companies (exclusively from the Benelux and Germany). If you are just looking for an internship or ‘alternance’ or if you have encountered difficulties in your search,  we can offer you maximum support to find what you are looking for.

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